Cafe Bohemia Booking Policy

  • All Café Bohemia Bookings requests should be sent to [email protected].
  • Please include links to your web pages, official and social, audio and video.
  • Please do not include attachments, only links.
  • Each submission is reviewed, and responses are sent if/ when we have an opening to offer.

We appreciate your interest in Cafe Bohemia and look forward to hearing from you.

Cafe Bohemia is.

  • 45 Seat venue offer to Artist
  • 50/50 split of tickets purchased
  • Ticket price to be determined with each artist, usually $20 general admission
  • Dates offered: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Show options:

1 show 8 PM - 9:15 PM or 10 PM - 11:15 PM
2 shows 8 PM - 9:15 PM and 10 PM - 11:15 PM

A 6 PM - 7:15 PM time slot is also available Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Sound man provided. The artist will be in direct contact with the sound person before the performance.
  • Soundcheck an hour before the show or TBD with a sound person.
Guitar and Drumkit

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