• Two Tier stage:
  • 1st tier 3' deep x 15' wide
  • 2nd tier: stage right 5'10" x 7' (drum area), stage left 5'10" x 5'6"
  • Drum Kit: Yamaha Stage Custom Birch
  • Provided: Kick, Rack, Snare, all hardware
  • NO CYMBALS (drummer must provide their cymbals)
  • Guitar Amp Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue
  • Guitar Amp: Fender Blues JR.
  • Keyboard: Fender Rhodes
  • Bass Amp: Hartke Kickback 1x15" 500-Watt Combo Amp 14 Channel PA
  • Sound Person
  • Lights

If you have any questions, connect with them.

The Trumpet in the Hands of a Musician